About Us

Caleb Auer has been a fitness addict and adventurer who has always pushed himself to the limit whether in football, parkour, general fitness training, and now as a ninja warrior. As a teenager, he placed twice in the “Tactical and Fitness” competition at the Winterfest Police Explorer competition against competitors from 20 states. He has taken top 3 spots in several ninja competitions and qualified for regionals in the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association competition.


Caleb began working for Dragonfly Fitness Center in Holly Springs at the age of 17. He then pursued and received a degree in Business Administration as well as a certificate in Criminal Justice while building his own backyard ninja course with a dream of starting his own business with his beautiful wife Hannah. After months of research and planning he designed a course that is portable without compromising strength and quality so that everyone can experience ninja warrior for themselves.

Our Course

We provide you with a state of the art mobile obstacle course which contains 8 hanging obstacles and 5 balance/agility obstacles. The whole course can be taken anywhere and be assembled in roughly 4 hours. Our rig stands 12 feet tall and contains two 42 foot lanes for a grand total of 84 feet of suspended obstacles. It features the cargo net swing, cliffhanger, ringtoss, tilting ladders, door nob grasper, pipe traverse, peg board, and ring alley. Each obstacle is 14 feet in length with raised start and finish platforms. We also have lower body obstacles such as the quintuple steps, rolling log, teeter totter, pipe run, and last but certainly not least, the warped wall! Our warped wall was designed with everyone in mind. It is adjustable from 8 all the way to 14 1/2 feet tall! In fact, almost every obstacle is adjustable in someway to make it easier or harder so that it is a fun challenge for anyone, no matter what their age.


We have taken extra measures to keep everyone safe on the course! Our custom made inflatable padding runs under the entire length of the course ensuring a soft landing in the event of a fall. We also padded all platforms and structural pipes that someone might accidentally come into contact with. Any balance obstacle has also been sanded thoroughly to ensure no sharp edges or splinters. The course is always supervised by our staff members who have all been extensively trained on the obstacles. We will always be there to answer any questions on how to complete an obstacle as well as ensuring safe techniques are used so that everyone can have a good time and still remain injury free.